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TYPO3 is a content management framework offering a complete set of standard modules along with high performance architecture. With TYPO3, you enjoy operation right of the box with an endless variety of custom extension and solutions.

Effective content management means the highest quality, updated content appears on your website. When you have fresh, valuable content, you attract more quality visitors within your target market. TYPO-3 offers every kind of resource to make your website the best it can be.

Because TYPO3 is user-friendly, authors appreciate an intuitive tool. Content editors effortlessly produce and maintain frequently updated web pages. With just a few mouse clicks, authors have access to very sophisticated functions to create attractive web pages.

As a website administrator, TYPO3 gives you the ability to customize user permissions. Detail your system to edit work flows and implement professional content creation. Because the application is platform-independent and server-side, you can use it with almost every type of browser. No matter where you are, TYPO3 is functional and accessible.

Working on content within the TYPO3 environment is as simple as working within Microsoft Word. Without any specialized training, users can add and edit content in any environment. Spellchecker is built into the Rich Text Editor to help eliminate errors along the way. Because of an unlimited history, any change made on the site can be undone.

Summary of Typo3

  • Open source - No license fee
  • Enterprise level - Professional system
  • Safety First - Safest open source CMS
  • Stable Core - For more than a decade
  • Scalable Architecture - Complex or simple: you decide
  • Unlimited Extendability - Catering for your needs
  • Tolerant System - Impartial to hosting systems
  • International Setup - 50+ Localizations available
  • Solid Roadmap - TYPO3 is the future
  • Active Community - Dedication worldwide
  • Safe Investment - Check your ROI!

Features of Typo3

  • Easy templating
  • Flexible designs
  • Simple site structure
  • Intuitive AJAX drag & drop
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-site management
  • Granular permissions control
  • Extensive documentation
  • True WYSIWYG editing
  • Built-in image editing
  • Frontend editing
  • Automatic caching
  • Integrated search
  • Powerful extension framework
  • Large extension repository
  • Community and commercial support

A professional CMS development company Red Symbol provides end-to-end Typo3 CMS customization services to create and enhance functionality of your website according to the present market requirements. Our expert Typo3 developers carefully craft the project from initial stage of designing, development and deployment of final product enabling you to get the perfect results.