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Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is any process that publicises or advertises a website, business, brand or service via the medium of blogs. This includes, but is not limited to marketing via ads placed on blogs, recommendations and reviews by the blogger, promotion via entries on third party blogs and cross-syndication of information across multiple blogs.

A blog is a website with content that is written frequently and added in a chronological order.The blog definition continues with what is contained within a blog. It may just be a discussion on a topic

Blogs rank well in search engines because they can concentrate on optimized keywords that tie into a home website for a company. They also rank well because blogs are updated frequently, and that is just adding new pages to the website, all of which register with search engines. This can improve your visibility to customers, and connect with them on a more personal level, as blogging is a very free-form style of writing.

Marketing believe in business blogs because of the way it has become such an easy part of social marketing.

Blog Advertising

Ads on blogs can be in the form of banners, text links, streaming video, audio clips, flash animation and even plain text. Most blog-based advertising involves payment in some way or the other to the blog owner. Owners of popular blogs will typically capitalise on their readership numbers via a combination of ad formats and Google AdSense ads.

Recommendations & Reviews

A nod from a trusted blogger can result in considerably higher sales for the recipient. Trusted figures in industry, popular product reviewers and critics often maintain blogs where they provide information about their experiences with some products and services. Readers tend to trust these reviewers and critics more as they are often unbiased. Businesses, however, do pay popular bloggers to review or mention their products. Examples of popular technology blogs that provide a lot of product reviews include Engadget and Tech Crunch.

Viral Marketing

The greatest power of blog marketing comes from the viral effect of some blog posts. News travels very fast via blogs. Readers pick up interesting stories and blog about them on other, third-party blogs. Their readers in turn spread the word to others. All this is done at very little cost to the advertiser, and often has a snowball effect that can be started off with just a few strategically placed blog entries and comments on others’ blogs.

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