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Shopping Cart

An ecommerce shopping cart is basically a software application that allows people to purchase items featured on any ecommerce website. Customers can add items into a cart and when they check out, the software system calculates the total amount (including packing, handling and delivery costs) of the purchased product. Ex. Paypal, etc.

Here we are showing the features of shopping cart:

1. Content Management System

  • An unlimited number of custom web pages can be added to your store.
  • Custom web pages are compatible with HTML forms for contact forms, feedback forms, etc.
  • Custom web pages have SEO-friendly URLs.
  • A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is built-in for editing custom web pages.
  • Create "members only" pages, restricted to certain groups of customers.
  • Fully integrated content management system, built-in to the shopping carts Administration Area.

2. Product Management

  • Add an unlimited number of options (size, color, etc) to products.
  • Add gift wrapping options to products, with optional additional fee.
  • Add images and/or videos to product descriptions.
  • Add product options in various formats: text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown & list menus.
  • Apply an unlimited number of images to each product.
  • Assign products to multiple categories.
  • Assign products to multiple vendors.
  • Batch updates inventory levels and pricing.
  • Create an unlimited number of product categories and subcategories.
  • Create an unlimited number of product fields and attributes.
  • Customize the URL, page title, and meta tags for every product page.
  • Engage customers with product reviews, rankings and comments.
  • Establish a future release date for downloads.
  • Exclude products from store's search engine.
  • Hide products from the public storefront.
  • Import/export products, images, options, and much more.
  • List "Featured Products" on any store page.
  • List "New Products" to highlight them.
  • Make products shipping exempt.
  • Manage product inventory levels.
  • Optionally require registration to view certain products.
  • Optionally restrict downloads to customers in geographic zones.
  • Optionally restrict product access to certain Customer Groups.
  • Product options can adjust the product's price.
  • Put products on sale.
  • Securely distribute downloads to prevent "leeching".
  • Sell product bundles - one product comprised of several other products.
  • Sell shipped products, services and downloads.
  • Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities per-product.
  • Set multiple pricing levels per-product.
  • Set products to require "call for pricing".

3. Customer Management

  • An account is automatically created for customers the first time they place an order - separate "registration" step not required.
  • Create Customer Groups based on purchase history or current product subscriptions.
  • Create a "registration" form to allow customers can create accounts without making a purchase.
  • Create members-only areas on your own website, which only selected customers can access.

4. Images And Photo

  • Apply an unlimited number of images per product.
  • Automatically create thumbnails when uploading images.
  • Basic and advanced options for uploading graphics.
  • Customize all product images, captions and "alt" text.

5. Inventory Control

  • Hide or make products unpurchasable when low/out of stock.
  • Inventory levels update in real-time when products are purchased.

6. Orders And Checkout

  • Add multiple products to cart with a single link.
  • Automatically email customers when their order's shipping status changes.
  • Completely customizable checkout process: Single page checkout or as many pages as needed.
  • Customers can track their shipments on your store website.
  • Estimate shipping fees.

7. Payments And Shipping

  • Accept payments by credit card, PayPal and Google Checkout.
  • Add a markup to shipping rates.
  • Add additional shipping fees per product.
  • Automate recurring payments.
  • CVV2 (Credit card security code) support.
  • Capture credit card funds either at checkout or later when order shipped.

We have developed this type of Shopping Cart already. However, if you want to spend some more time customizing the requirement then we'd love to be able to work with you to make that happen.

Kindly have a look of below mentioned samples those are developed by us:

Technologies: Core PHP, MYSQL
Description: This is company’s web site to show their all products.

Technologies: Core PHP, MYSQL
Description: It’s an e commerce website having full range of women products and accessories

Technologies: Cake PHP, Paypal, Jquery.
Description: This site deals in selling chocolate product.  Paypal recurring payment gateway has integrated in this site.

Technologies: Core PHP, MYSQL
Description: MWG Apparel is a product dealing based application. Products are categorized. It includes shopping cart and payment system.

Technologies: Opencart, PayPal
Description: This is a shopping cart site developed in open cart open source.  People can purchase online under apparel here or can contact to support team if any information needed.

Description:- This website which deals in jewellery products like bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, earings etc. people can purchase their jewellery online according to their requirement and budget.

Description:-This website which deals in jewellery products and people can shop their products online.