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Xpress Engine

Frontline Systems is pleased to offer the XPRESS Solver Engine, for use inside and outside Microsoft Excel. The XPRESS Solver is an extraordinarily powerful, field-installable Solver Engine that "plugs into"

Risk Solver Platform and Premium Solver Platform for Excel, and takes advantage of its new Polymorphic Spreadsheet Interpreter. You can also use it with our Solver SDK Platform to develop applications in a programming language, for one license price.

Based on the latest version of  XPRESS-MP from Dash Optimization.It extends the power of our Solver Platform products to handle linear programming problems with up to millions of variables and constraints, with no fixed limits on problem size.

It solves mixed-integer linear (LP/MIP) problems with astonishing speed.  And with the Newton Barrier Solver option, it solves large, challenging quadratic programming (QP) and mixed-integer quadratic (QP/MIP) problems with extraordinary speed.

Fully Compatible

Risk Solver Platform and Premium Solver Platform are 100% upwardly compatible from the standard Excel Solver. Your existing models can be solved with no changes, faster and more easily than before.  And your VBA code designed to control the standard Solver will work as-is with Risk Solver Platform or Premium Solver Platform and the XPRESS Solver Engine -- just select the XPRESS Solver interactively or in your VBA code.

Virtually unlimited Capacity, Lightning Speed

You'll be able to solve linear programming problems ten thousand times larger than the standard Excel Solver -- with no fixed limits on variables and constraints -- using the XPRESS Solver Engine.  And you'll be amazed at the lightning-fast solution times you can obtain: Problems with tens of thousands of variables and constraints often solve in just seconds!  You'll typically solve problems much faster than Risk Solver Platform's built-in linear programming Solver.

Comprehensive User Guide

you'll receive our Solver Engine User Guide that describes several field-installable Solver engines, including the XPRESS Solver Engine.  This guide provides complete information on XPRESS Solver options, the various messages which the XPRESS Solver can return, how to diagnose problems, and how to control the XPRESS Solver from VBA in Excel, or from our Solver SDK Platform.

Fast Problem Setup

Large linear and quadratic programming models often spend most of their time in problem setup, then reach a solution quickly. With some work in designing your model to use certaincommon functions the XPRESS Solver Engine can give you a really awesome speedup -- as much as 100 times faster.

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