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CodeIgniter Developer

CodeIgniter is the popular powerful PHP framework for creating full-featured web applications. It is popular among PHP developers, as it is open source content management system that helps programmers in providing cost-effective PHP solutions. The technical point of view of the our programmers / developers reveals various advantages of this PHP framework for web application development. Following are few main, which are very significant for programming and development:

  • Exceptional performance
  • Nearly Zero configurations
  • Clear and systematic documentation
  • Working without usage of command line
  • Easy programming and no restrictive coding rules
  • Broad compatibility with standard hosting accounts
  • Help programmers in programming without large-scale massive libraries
  • Developers / programmers can develop and program without learning templating language

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework

  • PHP application development framework with small footprint
  • High performance with minimal configuration overheads
  • Extensive compatibility with hosting accounts
  • Eliminates use of command line programming
  • Does not adhere to restrictive protocols of coding
  • Does not require learning a templating language
  • Simple web solutions with comprehensive documentation

Why Hire CodeIgniter Developers from Red Symbol?

  • Dedicated Codeigniter programmers working for you
  • Experienced team of Codeigniter PHP frameworks
  • Well versed with MVC structure
  • Save up to 60% on total cost
  • No start up fee / maintenance cost/ perks/ bonus/ etc
  • Transparent approach to ensure smooth flow
  • Avail constant communication through email, Skypee, phone, IM
  • Get full access to source code and all third party selling rights through NDA

Red Symbol is a leading web development company that offers excellent CodeIgniter development services. Our developer team possesses exceptional technical skills and accelerates your business ventures through the development of feature rich Codeigniter applications.