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Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a Web server that is leased or owned outright. Dedicated servers provide you exclusive use of the Web server resources for your business.

In most cases, you'll have full control of the server, including root access and server administration. Some dedicated server plans provide administration consoles to manage the server. While others require you use helpdesk employees to manage your Web server. Make sure that you know what access your plan provides.

Dedicated hosting service

Dedicated hosting service is a premium type of web hosting where the client leases an actual physical server that is not shared with any other of the hosting company's clients. There are clear benefits to having a dedicated server, the primary one being that burst of traffic on other person's site will have no effect on yours. Just as with shared or even free web hosting you can host multiple (even hundreds) of websites on a single dedicated hosting service.

Why you use the hosting service

If you are a business owner looking for business hosting services, but not aware of the recent advancements, you may require some help in deciding on the right kind of web hosting service for your business. Then you have choose the right place.

Red Symbol Technologies Provides shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. And, then of course there are sub-classifications such as managed server hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and more.

Our hosting services

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From time to time Red Symbol or its sub-contractors need to carry out maintenance on the network, which may involve temporarily shutting parts of it down. Red Symbol will give as much notice as possible and shall try to keep this work to the period specified in the notice. Red Symbol technologies accepts no liability whatsoever arising from such a suspension of the service.

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