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Jquery Tool Integration

JQuery is a concise and fast JavaScript library that can be used to simplify event handling, HTML document traversing, Ajax interactions and animation for speedy website development. jQuery simplifies the HTML's client-side scripting, thus simplifying Web 2.0 applications development.

JQuery also offers functionality that allows developers to build plug-ins, in addition to the JavaScript library. This allows for the development of abstractions for animation and low-level interaction, sophisticated effects and themeable, high-level widgets. The modular mechanism of the jQuery library facilitates the development of highly effective, potent Web applications and Web pages.

The JQuery library provides several user friendly strategies and functions for rich application development. Because the functions of jQuery are simple, it is very popular among developers. jQuery may be used in all Web based applications, in spite of the technology. It may be used with ASP, PHP, JSP, CGI, Servlets and most Web programming languages.

Jquery Plugins

JQuery's architecture allows developers to create plug-in code to extend its functionality.

Plugins have many types:-

BlockUI Plugin

Simulate synchronous ajax by blocking - not locking - the UI. This plugin lets you block user interaction with the page or with a specific element on the page. Also great at displaying modal dialogs.

Corner Plugin

Rounded corners without images! Plus lots of other interesting corner adornments like bevels, notches, dogears, etc. Fun stuff.

Cycle Plugin

Wildly popular slideshow plugin for displaying image or non-image slideshows. Lots of available transition effects such as fade, scroll, shuffle, zoom, and many more. Lots of features and ease of use is what this plugin is all about.

Feed Plugin

A jQuery wrapper for the Google AJAX Feed API. Lets you easily grab feed output from Google and redirect it onto your page.

Form Plugin

A simple way to AJAX-ify any form on your page. Also supports file uploads! Click through for quick start guide, code samples, API documentation, FAQ and more.

Media Plugin

One plugin for handling your Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player, MP3, Silverlight and more. This plugin converts simple markup into full media markup.