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Flash Animations

Flash Animation is a form of animation regularly employed to create short, simple shows on the Internet. It has developed in recent years and is now a far more interactive and widely used form of website design. There are a number of sites on the Internet constructed entirely from Flash animation.

Flash animation is a simple way of creating cartoons or webtoons and storing them without taking up much disk space. Because of their small size they could be quickly loaded and viewed by slower Internet connections before the widespread availability of broadband.

Flash Websites

Our Programmers were able to allow users to navigate around an animation as easily as in a standard HTML site. This led to the development of more stylized and graphical websites.

Red Symbol Technologies is a leading service provider of Flash development. With a creative team of flash animators and developers, we take pride in delivering extraordinary flash applications and flash animations. We specialize in customizing the flash applications for advertising campaign to take your brand, service or product to huge audience. Well versed with the flash/flex technologies, our flash programmers restructure your website with flash animation.

Flash Technologies and Tools We are Expert in:

  • ActionScript
  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash CS5

With Flash new versions and its advanced tools, our creative programmers provide excellent solutions meeting your requirements with utmost quality.