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Code igniter is a commanding PHP framework. If we consider web applications with advanced features, then to create such an application Code igniter is one of the efficient PHP Frameworks. As it makes web application always ready, learning becomes easier. Also due to the usual PHP coding it makes the code portable and only because of this, Compared to other frameworks, Code Igniter is significantly simple and fast.


  • Easy and hassle-free migration from server hosting to server hosting.
  • Easy to learn, adopt and deploy.
  • Easy handling and customizing.
  • A new functionality has been applied without affecting the customization at all.
  • Offers flexibility and easy management With MVC based framework.
  • Active Record Implementation is simply superb and easy to remember.
  • Provides easier configuration and customization of configuration files.
  • Facilitates easy working with a variety of developers.
  • Good collection of possessed libraries.
  • Awesome documentation of the user guide, which makes it easy for any coder to use the whole framework.
  • Enables to incorporate its own existing scripts as well as develop core libraries for the system.
  • Lightweight and extensive Thai user base.

Benefits of Code Igniter:

  • A small track and astounding presentation
  • Provision of broad compatibility along with standard hosting accounts
  • Configuration and normal coding rules are not required
  • Depiction of straightforward solutions
  • Free from complex structures and development

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Red Symbol is a leading web development company that offers excellent Codeigniter development services. Our developer team possesses exceptional technical skills and accelerates your business ventures through the development of feature rich Codeigniter applications.