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It is probably one of the best solutions for your ecommerce needs, because Big Commerce will help you go from building a website, to marketing your products and services, to securing transactions, and provide you with all the must-have features for your online store. Creating an online store with this ecommerce solution provider is easy. It will only take you minutes to get started and voila, you are now ready to sell and earn online.

Big Commerce also helps online stores increase traffic on their website. What is the use of selling online if no one knows about your store? Some merchants have this wrong perception that just because they are selling online, people will automatically know of their existence and a flock of customers will show up ready to buy. Unless you market your store and do search engine optimization, your website will not have any visitors let alone sales. So, what is big Commerce? It is your ideal ecommerce software solution provider, one that will not only build your online store, but also help you on your road to online success.

Features of Big-Commerce

  • Software should be affordable and fun to use
  • Customers are our greatest asset
  • You shouldn’t need a degree to sell online
  • Contracts and hidden fees are evil
  • Technology can solve business problems
  • Providing great support is a must
  • Feedback makes our products better
  • Customers deserved to be “wowed” when they call in
  • A happy customer trumps a marketing budget
  • Our software should keep you ahead of your competitors
  • Easy and simple is better than complex and hard
  • Ease of use wins over feature bloat

With a lot of help and documentation oriented to final customers, sellers and developers they made a complete a worthy platform.

Red Symbol offers perfect blend of E-Business strategy, programming expertise and perfect online support to produce highly effective, result driven business websites that increases the sale of your products and services. With in-depth knowledge and experience in E-Commerce website development, Red Symbol offers end-to-end B2B and E-Business solutions to clients from different market verticals across the globe. We help to increase return on investment such that your business financial base stays strong, and creates a steady source of revenue from improved customer base.